Fans, Here are some pics of k.d.. Best to view full screen and the highest HD your device will allow.   k.d is very gracious about photos. She probably saw me clicking away for 2 hours and just let it be. Technically, these images were taken on private property. And technically, k.d. had a (legal) […]

   k.d. lang is awesome at singing songs about love; especially love that is not quite fulfilled. Truly, it is one of her better talents. Not only the smooth and creamy vocals we have come to expect, but the sultry emotion that k.d. is able to make leap out of the mic and into our veins. […]

Let me start by stating that this post is DANGEROUS. It is so because I am taking three things k.d. said during the Soundstrue Pema Chodron and k.d. lang event  and drawing a conclusion that is probably not mine to infer. But, she did go out in public and make these three statements. So I […]