I can only speak for myself, but over my years in therapy I full-on resisted my therapist’s instructions to “just breathe”. Not because I was insolent, but because I had no idea what she was talking about.  To me, breathing was one of those involuntary bodily functions and I had no sense of its importance, other […]

If you have ever made a serious effort to try and “learn” to meditate, you quickly realize that the information about it is overwhelming. Do this, not that, use a mantra or don’t, keep your eyes open, no, closed. Indian, Japanese, Chinese; sitting, walking, lying down..wut?? So, I wanted to share a little about my […]

I used to ask my philosophy students, most of whom were Christians,  “Are you sure you want to live forever? Are you really that interested in who you are to experience being this personality for all eternity? I’m 30 and I am already tired of myself.”I would get a few looks of “Hey, that may […]