k.d. lang at Salt Lake City, Utah


Here are some pics of k.d.. Best to view full screen and the highest HD your device will allow.


k.d is very gracious about photos. She probably saw me clicking away for 2 hours and just let it be. Technically, these images were taken on private property. And technically, k.d. had a (legal) expectation of privacy. So, since few of us know her personally, as a way to thank her for her tolerance of fans, please consider a donation to Ari Bhod, a project dear to her.

The song on this slideshow is “Blue Fire” and you can find it on the Case Lang Veirs self titled album.


  1. I don’t care why kd is so happy, but I’m in favor of it ! That wonderful smile is enough to light up my day for a week every time I see it. I’m just glad her life is going to suit her and hope it lasts a long long time. Thanks for this, Kath. Will get off a donation to Ari Bhod as soon as I can.


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