Yes, k.d. lang really does photograph this well.

Here are pics I took from Royce Hall, June 20, 2015. Enjoy k.d. fans.

These are amateur shots, so don’t be too hard on me. NO TOUCH UPS on k.d. in Photoshop. She really looks this good. For real! Lucky for us, the camera LOVES k,d,…OMG. What I wouldn’t give to look so good on camera!!

Royce Hall, Los Angeles June 20, 2015


Royce Hall, UCLA June 20, 2015


OMG I caught this in low light, with the camera police, and while kd was moving about. WOOOOOT. Not bad for a two bit amateur!

IMG_0173_6056 CII7xS-UMAA6xOJ IMG_0293_6178 IMG_0115_5999 IMG_0201_6084


  1. One of the reasons k.d. looks so good, I think, is that she has the most marvelous bone structure. Plus she’s just a damned handsome woman. I was very grateful that Sounds True had a free live-feed of that whole thing–except the music. 😦 At least the Hallelujah was on YouTube. I really like the way k.d. is doing her hair these days. Thanks for these great pix!


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