Bienvenue Ingenue. @kdlang and the Death of the Ego Part 2

This is part two of a series. Here is Part One if you have not read it.

So as an example of the entire album of Ingenue being about one seeing the limits of the Ego and trying to let go, I’ll start with Still Thrives This Love. Now, I know there are many other interpretations of this song taking into account the the historical context  in which the album debuted. And I am not here to deny those, or to question what k.d. may have said about the meaning of this song in an interview or something. But I do think I have a valid take on this album nonetheless. So in what follows, I will tell you, in fairly simple terms,  what leaps off the “page” at me when I hear this song.

Still Thrives This Love

(kd lang/Ben Mink)

I often wonder
Is it so
All I am holding
Wants let go
How could I manage
I don’t know

So in this verse, k.d. is telling us that she sees her Ego is too heavy for her.  She is asking if this is true, but she already knows, deep down, it is. She wants to release it but questions what will remain and how life in this world may continue without the Ego as she has come to have it interact in her life.

I often question
Is it so
Life’s contradictions
Tend to grow
Spawning the choices
And the woe

Here, k.d. makes the connection that the messages her soul tells her, and the ones from the Ego are not always in sync. They create problems. For example, it is tough to have a life without an Ego, yet there cannot be too much of it. And the more one contemplates this, the more questions and weird  insights  that pop out at one. In turn, this yields more choices and more anguish. How can I  exist and yet be liberated from myself? What do I do?

But, still somehow thrives this love
Which I pray I’m worthy of
Still somehow thrives this love

Yet, k.d. is aware that she loves herself, her Ego, in the right way, the most reverent way, even though  her larger Self hovers in meaninglessness. She is grateful for this and she admits that she has experienced love (capital L) in spite of the fact that her struggle with reigning in the Ego continues. She feels connected to something OTHER than her Ego and is almost surprised that she has been included.
I often wonder
Is it so
The lessons of patience
Are learned slow
And earnings of labor
May never show

k.d. is complaining a bit that she has worked hard, or is working hard, at putting the Ego in its place. She has spent considerable time doing this and while she is making progress, it seems trivial. She despairs that she may never see a clear view of her Ego in its proper place.

But, still somehow thrives this love
Which I pray I’m worthy of
Still somehow thrives this love

So, in a nutshell, that is my take on this tune.

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  1. Wow! This takes a very deep dive into things I also struggle with. Gonna have to read this many times. The depth of your intelligence continues to amaze me. This is wonderful.


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