k.d.lang, Ari Bhod and Lhabab Duechen


If you are a die hard k.d. lang follower as I am, and see her as a spiritual “kick ass” like I do (just kidding you kd) , then you know that she is involved in Ari Bhod. If I understand k.d. correctly, she was introduced to Buddhism in a formal way while she was with Warner Brothers.  At this time she met her rinpoche with whom she studied for nearly a decade until his death in 2009. This relationship  was critical for her, her music, and her spiritual work in this life.

Part of his dream was to bring Tibetan Buddhism to the Western world. Part of this dream was established with Ari Bhod (America’s Tibet), and another part was established with Tools For Peace. As you may know, k.d. has worked with both organizations to help realize the idea of compassion and kindness taking a deep root with us here in the West.

Today, was a huge day in the Tibetan calendar, called Lhabab Duchen. So, I got off my duff, faced 2 hours of Los Angeles traffic, and arrived shaken but on time for this event. What I have to show you are mostly pictures with a novice Buddhist’s take on things. So here we go…


You may recognize these four men from their work on the Compassion Mandala at the Hammer Museum at UCLA. It is the same friendly crew sitting on the dock at Marina del Rey in Los Angeles saying prayers. Here, in this picture, only the lamas are praying from small, yet intricately decorated prayer sheets.live.release9

Before this happened, a small group of us, about 10 or so (not counting the “Fab Four”) said about an hour of chants.  The chants were about wishing happiness and a lack of suffering for all creatures. There were quite a bit of prayers said for those beings in an animal incarnation wishing them peace, and a death that is not too horrible. Lucky for me, they had a cheat sheet with all the Tibetan Romanized so I could recite with the best of them. (Thank  you Ari Bhod for doing this!)


I think many of the animals appreciated the thought because they all seemed to line up to listen. I got the idea that each has had enough of animal incarnations, but maybe that is just me projecting and anthropomorphizing!


After about an hour and 15 minutes of prayers, the real fun began; the release of live bait into the ocean. The actual release took about 20 minutes with 5-6 people diligently working and during this time, one of the lamas (I think he is higher than just a lama) said more prayers and released a kind of “holy water” for lack of a better word. (Sorry I am so ignorant, but it was not really a good time to stop the guy and ask, if you know what I mean LOL).




While some lamas put the live bait in the ocean, others turned on a hose full blast to keep the local wildlife from eating everything in two seconds.  I’m not sure how much bait was released, but it was a lot, at least 20-30 net-fulls.



So readers, that is about it. The bait were released and off the monks went, I think all the way back to Ari Bhod in Tehachapi, CA. I feel for them spending nigh on 5 hours in the car today!




  1. Thank you that was beautifull I have no idea why this is done and have so much to learn but thank you for the description and pics.. I saw the Mandala at the Hammer on the webcam it was amazing and I can very honestly say that was one of the most beautifull sounds I have ever heard in my entire life too, as to Ari Bhod and Tools for Peace I couldn’t say enough about how much I love all that they do, and actually it’s very much thanks to the Stop Breathe and Think App that I am able to get past my anxietys and just write on here or anywhere for that matter, this is very new for me to be able to just be, without that anxiety holding me back, not that I am completely free of it yet, but I have been unable to get past one or two posts, and the exileration of having got over it and out before retreating into my inner angst due to having done so!! this even includes talking to messaging or phoning family and dear friends, it’s been the sh*t’s and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, long story but this has been going on for years and not enjoyably on my part as I freeze in my anxiety literally and crumble inside!!! so, I couldn’t be more thankfull personally and generally to all of them and all that they do ❤


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