For Lesbians Only?: k.d. lang is some sexy beast

Beautiful lesbian woman drinking champagne

Few will take issue with me that k.d. lang is sexy.  And whether  or not k.d. lang “looks” a certain way is beside the point. I am speaking of pure, raw, unembodied, won’t-be-denied,  sine qua non, je ne sais pas,  sexiness; the kind that makes you almost get into a traffic accident or question your own skills in the sack; the kind that tells you there may be more than you ever knew to living in a three dimensional body. You all know what I am talking about; the kind of sizzling awareness that makes us all say to ourselves “thank god I’m a lesbian”. For those who understand, we know that the lesbian experience has to be close, if not the, paragon on human sexuality, besides all the other innumerable perks I won’t mention here. k.d. captures this in her voice. C’mon, admit it ladies, how many of your conquests happened because k.d. lang was smoothly wooing your prey in the background infiltrating  the candlelight? I know, right.

I wanted to write something about this because I feel that nobody ever gives k.d. lang enough credit in this regard. Sure, WE  all know it, but for the world at large, I truly do not think they see k.d. lang as sexy. Part of this may be  because they can’t get past the rigid categories of how a man or a woman “should” look, or the fact that sexuality is fluid. But the other part, in my opinion, is because they are so out of touch with themselves, that no artist, gay, straight or otherwise, can bust through their impervious egos about what “should be”.

k.d. lang is very aware of human sexuality, and this is one reason, of course, why she is sexy to many of us. But her awareness in this regard is one of the mysterious elements that saturate her voice in everything she sings, whether its obviously sexual or not. And this understanding is one of the non-technical musical skills that catapults her singing voice to astonishing I-can’t-believe-what-I’m-hearing levels. Most artists trying to capitalize on sex in their performances resort to scanty outfits or crotch-grabbing tactics, but these only show how out-of-touch they are with the entire enterprise.

I am not sure if anyone has publicly asked k.d. lang about her sexiness. If they have, my guess is that k.d. either deflected the question, ignored it, or refused to answer. It is not really the kind of thing one can talk about. To do so is a kind of sacrilegious attempt to force into words something that can only be experienced. My point in even bringing any of this up at all is to underscore the importance of being in a body. Sex is one of those experiences that come with it. It is intense, overwhelming, and if you are paying attention, lesson teaching. For whatever reasons, k.d. seems to have appeared on this earth very aware that she is in a body. Her voice illustrates it in everything she sings, even if it is not acutely “sexual”, per se.

With this, it is not too surprising that k.d. lang has taken to Buddhism. After all, in my understanding, breathing meditations are all about being present in the body (at least initially). And it’s pretty hard to be sexy if you are not aware of your body. Unlike many religious traditions, Buddhism is more accepting of the body and does not place a filter of “evil” or “immoral’ over it.

In any event, k.d., you are one sexy beast. Your voice not only shows us the way to the divine, but how to get there while taking advantage of physicality.


  1. Almost a year after being written, I somehow stumbled across this article and nearly fell off the roof (long story).
    Anyways, not only did kkkatsenis do an eloquent,articulate and dead on description of how I myself perceive Ms. Lang, but I found the article to also be informative and enlightening. How anyone could fail to see k.d. Lang’s genuine, incrediblely complete,inside & out unequalled beauty is to me-the 8th wonder of the world, and Ms. K, I thank you for such a pointed and we’ll written article. 🙂


  2. Although I am incredibly late to reading this post, Kath, I can tell you of one interview on TV where kd was led into a conversation about sexiness (hers to be exact). She was on Rosanne Barr’s talk show. They were horsing around and laughing while kd gave a demonstration of vegan cooking. In all of that, Rosanne just up and mentioned to kd that they were both Scorpios. kd agreed, said little else. So, Rosanne pursued the subject. She finally asked kd if she (kd) had noticed the mutual sexiness they had, etc…. and kd’s response was near what you predicted it would be. She kind of ducked a bit, stepped away from Rosanne, then responded that she had indeed noticed the sexy part that was coming her way from Rosanne. Yeah! I thought it was outstanding. Sure, she agreed that their shared zodiac sign is supposed to be noted for sexuality. But kd was typically as private as she can be publicly forthcoming – and she never faltered. She’s hot alright! And this story (IMO), just says why she’s so hot.


    1. It’s never too late to comment. These articles are just thoughts that are not time sensitive. Thanks for you recollection of that interview. I have not really watched any kd interviews…good to have the background. Thanks so much.


      1. I only started listening to kd’s music in February,* and liked it so much, that when I went looking for it on the internet, I found a lot of interviews, and they are almost as entertaining to me as the musical performances! Not only does she sing and play music like no other, her interviews are strikingly different from most others. She does a better job of listening to the questions, she makes more of an effort to actually answer the questions, and she does a much better job of being spontaneous and bringing humor into it. It makes watching the interview much more enjoyable. If you get as much out of her musical performances as you describe, you are missing out on a massive scale, in my opinion, if you skip over the interviews.
        *I’m close to her age, she just wasn’t on my radar. She has said she doesn’t get much radio play, which I now see as almost criminal.


  3. The first thing that straight friends have said when they see k.d. for the first time is invariably “She looks like a man!” and I invariably think “She looks like a magnificent woman who prefers to dress like a man, you idiot!” I have so far managed not to say this aloud. Sexy resides between the ears; why is that so hard to understand? Never mind, that’s a hopelessly dumb question, isn’t it?

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